Having the best camping chair is the definition of living the high life. Whether you use it around the campfire, at an outdoor concert, or your kid’s sporting events, it is nice to be able to comfortably kick your feet up anywhere. Fold up chairs come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Here is a quick break down of some of the different styles of camping chairs on the market.

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Camping Chair Types

Director Chairs

The director’s chair is one of the most common types of camping chairs. They have four points of contact with the ground for stability, made of strong tear-proof material, and fold up compact and small enough to fit into a carry bag. Some come with side tables, cup holders, and maybe a storage pocket.

Flat Folding Chairs

Flat folding chairs are basic folding chairs that have one hinge that folds the chair in half. They can be fairly cheap and made of metal and plastic or can be more deluxe with a padded seat and a padded back while being constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame. The deluxe models also come with side tables and cup holders.

Quad Folding Chairs

Quad folding chairs have four legs and fold in to create a taller and skinny shape to slide into a carry bag. Quad folding chairs are extremely popular because they contain the best of both worlds of comfort and portability.

Low Beach Chairs

Low beach chairs are immensely popular among sun worshippers. The low seated design allows users to stretch their legs out and to sit more in a recline position. Excellent for sunbathing or taking a little snooze under an umbrella beside the ocean.

Compact Chairs

If you will be doing a lot of hiking or do not have a lot of space in your vehicle, compact chairs are the way to go. Most camping chair styles have a more compact version of themselves. 

Other Types Of Camping Chairs

Not listed above, we have other styles including camping stools, kids camping chairs, and caravan chairs & recliners. Each style serves its purpose and comes with its own set of pros and cons. 

How To Choose A Camping Chair?

When deciding what kind of camping chair you want to purchase, you need to consider a few basic things. What kind of camping do you plan on doing? Will you drive-in to your campsite or hike-in? Size and weight become important at this point.  Then you should consider the size and height of the chair. Are you a bigger person? Then you might want one of the roomier heavy-duty steel framed camping lounge chairs.

Do you have a bad back or soreness that makes it difficult to get in and out of things? Then do not get a low seated camp chair and go for a higher seated chair that will be easy to get in and out of. Also, you should consider your design preferences. Do you want one of the more basic folding camp chairs or director chairs?

Or would you like something a little more special like a double camp chair for you and your sweetheart or a kids camping chair for the little one?No matter what you want, compact camp chairs nowadays come in all shapes, sizes, and design preferences. Here are a few other things to consider before purchasing your new camp chair.

Chair Comfort

Camp chair comfort comes from size, material, padding, and style. Ultimate comfort comes from larger recliner camping chairs, where you might be a little more on edge sitting on a mesh folding camp stool. If you plan on being physically active most of the day, then you will for sure want to take the comfort of your camping chair seriously. Nothing better than sitting around the fire and resting your bones after a day of hiking.

Chair Durability

Durability is dependent on the quality of materials. If you plan to be outside a lot, make sure you find a rust-proof framed chair. More heavy-duty chairs constructed with steel frames and reinforced polyester seating will last longer and are worth the little extra in price. 

Your Size and Your Weight

Of course, you need to find the right chair for your height and weight. Carefully read the rated capacity of each chair before purchasing.

Chair Weight and Packed Dimension

Weight and packed dimensions are important to consider depending on what type of camping you are doing. If you need to hike into your campsite, there are ultralight camp chairs made with alloy frames that can connect to the outside of your hiking backpack. Driving a car or caravan, you have the liberty of more space and can choose larger more comfortable camp chairs. 

Additional Chair Features

Camp chairs come with all sorts of convenient additional features. Look for chairs with a side table or a table that can fold out over your lap. Cup holders, wine glass holders, even cooler pockets that you can keep ice and a few beers or sodas inside. Whatever you need for relaxation, you can find a camp chair that will provide it.

Best Camping Chairs Reviews

Here’s our top 10 best camping chairs for Australia in 2020!

Black Wolf Compact Directors Chair

Black Wolf is a trusted brand that makes high-quality camping equipment. Their camp chairs are no different in terms of being high-quality. This Black Wolf camping chair with table is a compact camping chair made with a sturdy steel frame and can support up to 130 Kg. Easy to set up, easy to pack up, this chair is compact and can be stowed away anywhere. 

  • RRP: $109.99
  • Rated Capacity: 130 Kg
  • External Dimensions: 87L x 52W x 93H cm
  • Packed Dimensions: 55L x 20W x 48H cm
  • Seat Height: 47L x 44W x 43H cm
  • Arm Type: Padded Rigid
  • Material: Polyester with Steel Frame
  • Weight: 6 Kg
  • Additional Features: Integrated side table with cup holder. Accessory pocket. Built-in carry handle. 

Pros: Compact and easy to carry and stow away. Cup holder and side table included. Saturday steel frame holds up to 130kg.Limited lifetime warranty. 

Cons: Some sagging reported.

Coleman 5 Position Padded Chair

This Coleman camping chair is the best reclining camp chair that Coleman has to offer. Sit back and relax and recline into five different positions comfortably and securely with the Coleman camping chair safety lock system.This is the ultimate camping lounger for kicking your feet up after a long day of hiking with a frosty cold one. Relax, you earned it!

  • RRP: $129.95
  • Rated Capacity: 130 Kg
  • External Dimensions: 62L x 101W x 82H cm
  • Packed Dimensions: 95L x 65W x 14H cm
  • Seat Height: 52W x 39H x 46D cm
  • Arm Type: Rigid Metal
  • Material: Polyester with a 25mm Steel Frame
  • Weight: 5.5 Kg
  • Additional Features: Fold-out drink holder. Safety lock. Carry strap included.

Pros: Easy to use. 5 different positions of reclining with safety locks to hold your ideal position of comfort in place. 25mm steel frame. Durable. Long-lasting.  Padded seat and headrest.

Cons: Only a 3-year warranty. 

Coleman Deluxe Mesh Event Chair

The Coleman Deluxe Mesh Event Chair is one of the most basic of all folding camping chairs. It is inexpensive, compact, and the ideal lightweight hiking chair to bring with if you need to hike into your campsite.  This lightweight camping chair can go anywhere with you, to your kids sporting events, to the beach, to a family picnic. Just fold it up and go with its included carry bag. 

  • RRP: $39.95
  • Rated Capacity: 102 Kg
  • External Dimensions: 77W x 52D x 59H cm
  • Packed Dimensions: 71L x 17W x 15H cm
  • Seat Height: 15/18H x 42D x 36W cm
  • Arm Type: Soft
  • Material: 600D Polyester with a Powder Coated 16mm Steel Frame.
  • Weight: 2.9 Kg
  • Additional Features:  Includes carry bag. Mesh cup holder.

Pros: Super lightweight. Sturdy steel frame. Designed to be a low camping chair for a relaxing position. 

Cons: Only a 1-year warranty.

Oztent King Goanna Chair

The Oztent king goanna chair is the best camping chair for big and tall campers. With a heavy-duty steel frame, an extra high back with headrest, and adjustable lumbar support, this is the best camping chair for those of us with a few extra pounds or that were first pick in high school basketball games. If you are looking for the best camping chair in Australia, look no further. The Oztent King Goanna chair is worth everything you will pay for it.

  • RRP: $129.95
  • Rated Capacity: 200 Kg
  • External Dimensions: 95L x 43W x 107H cm
  • Packed Dimensions: 102L x 25W x 26H cm
  • Seat Height: 60L x 43W x 38/43H cm
  • Arm Type: Soft
  • Material: 600D Padded Polyester with a Heavy-Duty Steel Frame.
  • Weight: 6.1 Kg
  • Additional Features: Adjustable lumbar support. Two insulated drink holders and accessory pockets.

Pros: Heavy-duty steel frame with front support struts supports up to 200 Kg. Extra high back with headrest for taller campers. Includes carry bag. Covered under a 5-year warranty. 

Cons: A little more expensive than other camping chairs.

OZtrail Festival Arm Chair

Oz trail camp chairs have a wonderful reputation for being comfortable and well designed. Oztrail Camping chairs make the comfiest outdoor chair perfect for an outdoor music festival or a rugby match. Easy to transport, easy to set up, and contains drink and wine glass holders for your favourite beverage. Sit back in one of these quality Oztrail chairs, relax, and let the music take you away. 

  • RRP: $52.99
  • Rated Capacity: 120 Kg
  • External Dimensions: 86W x 50D x 60H cm
  • Packed Dimensions: 74L x 20W x 19H cm
  • Seat Height: 15H x 40D x 36W cm
  • Arm Type: Soft
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 3 Kg
  • Additional Features: Drink holder. Wine glass holder. Padded back and seat.

Pros: Strong 16-17.5mm steel frame. Includes carry bag. 

Cons: Only a 1-year warranty.

Companion High-Back Beach Chair

This Companion high-back chair is one of the beach chairs in Australia. Made with a mesh-like fabric for comfort in the heat take this beach chair with you and chill out on the sand all day. Make sure to use an umbrella because this chair is so comfortable you might fall asleep and wake up burnt to a crisp. 

  • RRP: $74.99
  • Rated Capacity: 100 Kg
  • External Dimensions: 56L x 66W x 55H cm
  • Packed Dimensions: 60L x 56W x 20H cm
  • Seat Height: 37W x 12H x 32D cm
  • Arm Type: Padded Rigid 
  • Material: PVC coated Polyester (Textilene) with an Aluminium Frame.
  • Weight: 1.9 Kg
  • Additional Features: Removable head and armrests. Carry strap.

Pros: Super lightweight at only 1.9 Kg. Easy to carry with integrated carry strap. Mesh-like fabric for comfort in the heat.

Cons: Only a 1-year warranty.

Outdoor Connection Burly Lumbar Chair

As far as fold up camping chairs go, the Outdoor Connection Burly Lumbar Chair is one of the best folding chairs in Australia. This is not one of your average cheap camping chairs. This chair provides ultimate comfort and quality at an affordable price. Built with adjustable lumbar support, an extra padded headrest, and a cooler bag, this is the best camping lounge chair on the market. Kick back, let the kids run wild, and enjoy a frosted beverage around the campsite.

  • RRP: $99.95
  • Rated Capacity: 160 Kg
  • External Dimensions: 89L x 41W x 110H cm
  • Packed Dimensions: 100L x 22W x 22H cm
  • Seat Height: 50L x 41W x 37.5H cm
  • Arm Type: Soft
  • Material: 600D Polyester with a 22mm Steel Frame.
  • Weight: 6.44 Kg
  • Additional Features: Padded headrest with zippered storage for an included carry bag. Drink holder, wine glass holder and cooler bag.

Pros: High back for comfort. Adjustable lumbar support. Heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame. Can hold up to 160 Kg.

Cons: Only a 3-year warranty.

Explore Planet Earth Titan Moon Chair

If you are looking for camping chairs for sale you might want to consider trying something different with the Explore Planet Earth Titan Moon Chair.Take this moon chair camping or use it for extra seating around the house. This portable chair is super easy to set up and even easier to tear down. Transport it conveniently in its included carry bag.

  • RRP: $119.99
  • Rated Capacity: 200 Kg
  • External Dimensions: 101L x 90W x 70H cm
  • Packed Dimensions: 102L x 38W x 39H cm
  • Seat Height: 59W x 40H x 58D cm
  • Arm Type: No arms on moon chair model.
  • Material: 600D Polyester with a 19mm Steel Frame.
  • Weight: 5.3 Kg
  • Additional Features: Padded mesh inserts in backrest and seat. Carry bag included.

Pros: Weight capacity of 200 Kg. Quick fold makes it easy to set up and pack away into the included carry bag. 

Cons: Only a 3-year warranty.

Darche DCT33 Camp Chair

If you are looking for picnic chairs for your next family get together, then the Darche DCT33 folding chair is perfect.This chair is perfect for picnics, outdoor camping, sporting events, and outdoor concerts. You will be glad you addedthe Darche DCT33 camp chair to your collection of camping furniture.

  • RRP: $109.00
  • Rated Capacity: 145 Kg
  • External Dimensions: 63L x 93W x 108H cm
  • Packed Dimensions: 90L x 56W x 14H cm
  • Seat Height: 48W x 42H x 43D cm
  • Arm Type: Steel with pads.
  • Material: Double Padded 600D Polyester with a steel frame.
  • Weight: 6.2 Kg
  • Additional Features: Fold-out side-table with cup holder. Storage pocket.

Pros: Steel frame and durable fabric seat can hold up to 145 Kg. Double padded. Folds up for easy storage.

Cons: Only a 2-year warranty.

Helinox Chair One Hiking Chair

This Helinox camp chair is the ultimate hiking chair weighing in at less the one kilogram. The carry bag included for this lightweight foldable chair has built-in attachment loops so you can attach your chair to the outside of your backpack while you hike. This is one of the lightest weight camping chairs in Australia.

  • RRP: $149.99
  • Rated Capacity: 145 Kg
  • External Dimensions:  65H x 52W x 50D cm
  • Packed Dimensions: 35H x 12W x 10D cm
  • Seat Height: Not given
  • Arm Type: No arms
  • Material: Polyester with a DAC TH72M Alloy frame.
  • Weight: 0.96 Kg
  • Additional Features: Carry bag that can attach to the outside of your hiking backpack.

Pros: Super lightweight. High strength nylon hubs. Alloy frame. Strong durable stitching. Easy assembly.

Cons: Expensive.