Gasmate Voyager BBQ Review

The Gasmate Voyager BBQ is everything you need to prepare an outdoor feast for your family and friends on the go. Whether you are camping, at the beach, or heading to a backyard party, this Gasmate portable bbq is superb.

The Gasmate Voyager is split between two different cooking surfaces. You have your grill section along with a flat-top grill portion. This allows you to cook several types of meals. Cook steaks on the grill while doing an incredible vegetable sauté on the flat-top at the same time. When camping, use your Gasmate Voyager Portable BBQ to even make a classic breakfast with sausage and bacon on the grill with eggs and pancakes on the flat-top. The possibilities are endless.

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This Gasmate Bbq is extremely easy to set up and to use. Simply fold out the legs, attach the LPG cylinder to the grill, and use the rotary piezo ignition to fire it up. The Voyager portable bbq heats up in seconds.

gasmate voyager review

Once you are cooking your magnificent feast simultaneously on the grill and flat-top, keep track of the internal BBQ temperature with its convenient built-in thermometer and temperature gauge.

With 11,000 BTUs of firepower, your meats will cook evenly, thoroughly, and in a shorter amount of time. For the flat-top side, feel free to flip it over before igniting the BBQ to utilize the grill plate. The grill plate is ideal for cooking a giant steak and having the fat drippings easily collect to be disposed of later.

One more thing to mention is not only is the Voyager BBQ easy to use and to set up, but it is also compact and easy to transport to and from your destination. This Gasmate barbecue folds down to 58 x 42 x 28 cm and weighs only 9 Kg. It will take up little room in your vehicle and it can be carried by one person.

The gas mate bbq is affordable, incredibly durable with its powder-coated steel body, and it gives you three different cooking surfaces in one quality BBQ. A purchase of the Voyager BBQ is an intelligent purchase that will last you and your family a long time.


Gasmate Portable BBQ

The Gasmate Voyager portable gas bbq is one of many Gasmate BBQ products that this manufacturer boasts in its arsenal. Some of the other grilling products produced by Gasmate include the Odyssey 1 and 2, the Adventurer Deluxe 1 and 2, the Voyager Grill, and the Star Wars grill.

With all these different products available to meet a variety of Gasmate outdoor kitchen needs, you can see why Gasmate is one of Australia’s most popular brands for outdoor cooking.


Gasmate Voyager BBQ Features

  • Material: Powder Coated Steel Body – Enamel coated Cast Iron Cooking Plate
  • Fuel Type: LPG
  • Burner: 1- 11,000 BTU Burner
  • Ignition: Rotary Piezo
  • External Dimensions: 58L x 50D x 66H cm
  • Packed Dimensions: 58L x 42D x 28H cm
  • Weight: 9 Kg
  • Cooking Area: Hotplate: 230mm x 330mm Grill: 230mm x 330mm

Pros: Consistent flame. Easy to use and assemble. Three different cooking surfaces wrapped into one. Covered by a one-year warranty. Lightweight and compact. Easy to transport. Affordable.

Gasmate Voyager BBQ Review

Easy to Set Up: Simply unfold the legs, connect the LPG cylinder, and fire up the burner using the rotary piezo ignition. Cooking within seconds.

Portability: Let the BBQ cool, then remove the LPG gas cylinder, fold up the legs, close the lid, and you are ready to go. Folds up to the compact size of 58L x 42D x 28H cm. Only weighs 9 Kg.

Efficient: The 11,000 BTU burner is efficient and provides an excellent amount of heat that is split evenly between the grill and the flat-top.

Cooking Convenience: Choose from three different cooking surfaces and use 2-different at the same time to conveniently cook complete meals at the same time.Use the flat-top to cook eggs, pancakes, and other small items that may fall through the grill while cooking bacon, sausages, and steaks on the grill.

Gasmate Voyager FAQ

Is the Gasmate Voyager BBQ Easy to Clean?

Yes, the Voyager is easy to clean. To maintain the quality of your Voyager BBQ it is important that you clean and properly oil your grill after use.
Here is a complete guide for the recommended maintenance:

Where is the Voyager Made?

The Gasmate Voyager BBQ, along with all other Gasmate products are 100% made in Australia.

Is it Possible to Order Gasmate Voyager BBQ Spare Parts?

Yes of course! Here is a link for a listing of spare parts available:

During Cooking, does the BBQ Have to Be Closed or Not?

Go ahead and cook with the Gasmate Voyager BBQ with the lid either open or closed. Keep the lid closed to roast meats and trap heat inside to cook meats thoroughly or keep it open. It is really up to you and your style of cooking.